Harry x Draco

My original slash pairing. These stories were written between 2002 and 2004, prior to Book 5: Order of the Phoenix release and therefore departed the canon timeline just after Year 4.

This archive was closed as of 2004. Some of the stories here could be found on Fictionalley, AFF.net and the notorious Bottom!Draco Emporium where hardcore bottom!Draco rules.

One Shots

» Catharsis ~ MA
Harry witnessed something dark involving Draco Malfoy and his father during the summer between events in GoF and Year 5. This is my personal favourite, I love this story no matter what others may think about it. Wrote it as a birthday present to myself. I so deserve it, don't you think? Published: 19 January 2003

HP Slash award Nominated for Best Drama in HP Slash Awards 2003

Quills 2003 Nominated for Best Drama and Best Angst in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» Dark Waters ~ MA
Naked boys, and a night swim. After being close friends for three years, Harry and Draco decided to take their relationship to a new level. Published: 07-March 2003

Quills 2003 Nominated for Best Romance in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

ANALogy and TOPology Arc

This series of loosely linked stories are set in what's infamously known as the ANALogy and TOPology Universe. Here be SuperTop!Harry, HardcoreBottom!Draco and an assortment of Friends from Hell. Did I say friends? Fiends, more like it. Grip your broomsticks and enjoy the ride.

» Boathouse Bump And Grind ~ MA
My FIRST HxD! Harry, Draco, sex and the Mirror of Erised. Totally porn without plot. Proof that La Zed is twisted sometimes. Featuring wanton!Harry and Harry's bitch!Draco. Nuff said.

» ANALogy and TOPology ~ M
My favourite boys having a discussion of matters sexual with a bit of help in the form of graphic visual aid from the top shelf of the local news agent. Featuring Juvenile Delinquent!Harry and Pliant!Draco. Rating 'M' for innuendo. Published: 26-July 2002

quill ANALogy and TOPology ~ nominated for Best Humour in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» HP and Revenge BT Style ~ M
Wonderboy Harry devised a plot to pay Uncle Vernon back after Uncle Vernon insulted him and Draco. Crazy plotting and planning galore. Featuring grownup Delinquent!Harry and SupportivePartner!Draco. And oh, the wonders of British Telecom (BT). Published: 14 August 2002

» Random Thoughts ~ T
Classes can be a drag. See what goes on in bored students' vacant heads.

» Letters ~ T
Are they just housemates or something more? Featuring SuperSleuth!Narcissa.

» Changing Room Showers ~ M
Two wet boys, three inquisitive team mates. Shower sex galore. Published: 08-Sept 2002

» The Mix Up ~ M
Harry and Draco spent some quality time together in a disused equipment storeroom with disastrous results. Will Harry be able to save the day yet again, and live up to his boast: "Don't worry. I will be."? Featuring Delinquent!Harry and Smug!Draco, sarcastic classmates and the dreaded best-friend-from-Hell, ItchyFist!Ron. Rating M for implied sexual situation. Published: 22 Sept 2002 for Tom Felton's 15th birthday *G*

» The Canine Caper ~ MA
Harry and Draco being very naughty boys. Mild animal torture, voyeurism, and because I want to write Harry x Draco rough sex. Oh yes. The boys really get it on. Featuring Delinquent!SuperTop!Harry and VirginalChoirboy!Draco. Published: 14-Oct 2002

» The Ferret Foul-Up ~ M
Under the influence of hallucinogenic substances, Harry and Draco matches magical skills with unexpected and somewhat bizzare outcome. This story explores how the unorthodox and oft twisted relationship between Harry and Draco came into being. This story was inspired by Tom Felton's comment in an interview in Disney's Big Time magazine issue 123 (November 2002). "I'd love to see Draco turn Harry into a ferret!" Published: 31-Dec 2002

THE FERRET FOUL-UP ~ nominated for Best Humour and Best Action/Adventure in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» The Snattacats ~ M
Dark humour. Magical beasts ran amok at Potter Manor. Could Hagrid the gromless gamekeeper save the day? Twists and surprises in store. Published: 03-Jan 2003

» Desserts for the Wicked ~ MA
Oh, behave! Delinquent!Harry ate an ice cream. Sex-starved!Draco had some explicit daydream. In public. Published: 04-Feb 2003

DESSERTS FOR THE WICKED ~ nominated for Best Romance in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» Proprietary Rights ~ T
An atypical Harry x Draco boylove piece. Delinquent!Harry had a strange moment while Draco slept pecefully. Published: 06-April 2003

» Whimper ~ T
SuperSeme!Delinquent!Harry and UltraUke!Draco in an innuendo laden piece. Can't tell you what's going on or it will give away the story. Published: 01-June 2003

WHIMPER ~ nominated for Best Humour in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» Harry Potter and the Muggle Sex Toy ~ MA
Challenge #13 for bottom!draco LJ community Fuh-Q-Fest, Sept 2003. Male character A uses a sex toy on Draco. In public. Bawdy Fic and Dirty as hell. Warning: This story is not recommended for GEEKS, WIMPS, DWEEBS,WEENIES, self-righteous literary critics and those of a delicate constitution. It contains abuse of an innocent sex toy, badly behaved adults and to a lesser extent, monogamous same-sex pairing. Consider yourself warned. Extreme bad taste with no redeeming value whatsoever. It's poorly written, incredibly crass, contains jokes about bodily functions that would embarrass any 4-year-old arse-grabbing kid, and it's PURE A&T!™ May be hazardous to closed minds. The whole unwholesome plot is mine. Did I say p0rn? I swear I was totally sober when I wrote this (scary, eh?). BlitzerBooze™ and ANALogyand TOPology Universe™ are owned by moi. Yup. Published: 21-Nov 2003

Breaking Barriers

Written/Published between August 2002 to November 2003. COMPLETED. A series of character-driven homo-erotic vignettes set against a background of civil unrest and the impending war. Warning! : This series contains stories depicting SAME SEX relationship of rather graphic nature. In reading order:

» Awakening ~ M
Year Six. Voldemort's latest attack on the Wizard populace forces the question Draco must answer, for soon he will have to choose between what’s right and the path chosen for him. In a time of turmoil, and as antagonism fades, Harry and Draco find strength and solace in each other’s company. Evocative, sensual and erotic. Published: 15-Dec 2002

» Departure ~ MA
Year Seven. The time had come for choices to be made. Did power count for everything; and how much were they willing to pay for what they wanted? Erotica. Provocative. Sensual. Yes, there is nudity. And sex. Lots of erotic sex. Published: 03-Sept 2002

» Erotica ~ M
Draco's POV. Short and sweet. Rating M for imagery. Published: 04-August 2002

» Breathless ~ T
Harry demonstrated some wandless magic in the Great Hall. Draco got hot. Grapes, kisses, public display of affection. Published: 28-Jul 2003

BREATHLESS ~ nominated for Best Poetic and Best Romance in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» Affirmation ~ M
Post-Hogwarts, Spring 1999. Harry and Draco affirms their love for each other. Evocative, sensual and erotic. Published: 18-Dec 2002

» Return ~ T
Set 10 years after Departure . Harry and Draco were reunited after a brief separation. The war against the Dark Side was far from over. But for Harry and Draco, the personal battle was just beginning. Having survived thus far, they must now face a new kind of hell: would the need of the many outweigh the need of one? Published: 14-Oct 2002

» Lest We Forget ~ T
Draco was faced with the prospect of finally losing his beloved. Major angst. Published: 12-Aug 2003

quillsLEST WE FORGET ~ nominated for Best Angst, Best Poetic and Best Action/Adventure in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» I Would Never Leave You, Ever ~ T
Not even death ... could tear us apart.... Major angst. Raw and heartbreaking [so i was told]. FINALE. First published in Battlefields of Slash Fanzine 2002. Uploaded: 05-Nov 2003

Possession, Obsession & Mine

Three short, loosely linked character driven chapters which examine possessiveness and the lengths one would go through in the name of love. Features a rather dark Draco.

» Possession ~ T
Part 1. Possessiveness could be so self-consuming. Published: 31-Dec 2002

» Obsession ~ M
Part 2. Testing the boundaries of one's obsession could bring surprising knowledge. Published: 1-May 2003

OBSESSION ~ nominated for Best Angst and Best Drama in Quills 2003 Fanfiction Contest

» Mine ~ MA
Part 3. Confession, affirmation and resolution. Published: 20-June 2003