Gundam Wing

My guilty pleasure ... hmm-mm, who could resist those borderline insane GW boys with their kick ass mechas and weird hairdos? Written during my self-declared sabbatical from the HP fandom ~ July to October 2003.

For the uninitiated, 1 = Heero Yuy (the spandex clad pilot who could mend his leg with a spanner), 2 = Duo Maxwell (a.k.a Mr.Braids, Heero's only friend who enjoys loaded gunplay with him), 3 = Trowa Barton (the trigger happy pilot who never fails to empty all his ammo), and 4 = Quatre Winner (Mr. Musical who picks up Trowa on a whim and brings him home so they can play music together). Haha

Wired Arc

» Wired, for Your Viewing Pleasure ~ MA
3x4 indulged in nookies in the shower while 1 & 2 watched. Exhibitionism be found. Voyeurism also be found. This fic has no redeeming value whatsoever. Unapologetic p0rn, humour, lemon. Published: 21 July 2003

» Causality ~ MA
1x2x1. Unapologetic p0rn, lemon, fetish, humour. This is definitely not for the meek. This takes place somewhere in the Battlefield of Pacifists timeline. Inspired by Duo's famous line "Let's find a motel." after he and Heero sabotaged the O-Star Industries factory in Texas. Heero has some deep-seated fetishes, and most of it has to do with Duo's hair. Spanking be found, wild!sex be found, plot? none in sight. PWP, rating MA. Published: 31 August 2003

Trowa x Quatre

» Remembered ~ MA
3x4x3. Takes place when Trowa got his memories back after his little stint with the Zero system. In this universe, Trowa and Quatre were hot and heavy before the amnesia fiasco/Quatre's guilt trip. And now, let the Hotness and Heaviness continue ... Published: 04 August 2003

» Quatre's Slippers ~ T
3x4. 100 words drabble. Trowa's POV. Bunny slippers, goggles and kinky!Quatre. PG13 for reference to same sex coupling. I'm irrepressible, need to write smut even under 100 words! Published: 04 August 2003

» Where We Belong ~ T
3+4. 200 words ficlet challenge; theme: Coming Home. A bittersweet Trowa's pov story involving memories lost and found. A 15 year-old Quatre seeked comfort in Trowa's arms/bed ... whatever. Published: 12 August 2003

» Full Circle ~ T
3+4. 200 words ficlet challenge; theme: Coming Home. Orphans, music and layers of emotions. WAFF. Published: 12 August 2003

» Isolation ~ T
1+2 and 4. A bittersweet Quatre's pov story involving loss and what it is like to be found. A companion piece to Where We Belong. Published: 05 October 2003

Alternate Universe

terror unknown SKIN was my submission for the 2003 Terror Unknown Contest under the Purple Bruise and Sick Puppy categories. It won 3 categories, namely:

WINNER: Best Fanfiction,
1st PLACE: Purple Bruise category [abuse, excessive pain, torture],
1st PLACE: Sick Puppy category [Sick and twisted, graphic and gross]

»Skin ~ MA
1x2x1, implied 3x4. A seemingly random kidnapping led to acts of sadism and violence. Relena strived to survive in a world where the line between life and death becomes more and more blurred. But her worst nightmare was yet to come. Warnings: AU, slash, sadism, character deaths, guns. Extremely unconventional character interpretation. These are G-Boys on the Very Dark side. Published: 31 August 2003